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Yes, singing in a choir is fun, but if you can balance it with a few basic responsibilities, it makes the whole experience much more rewarding for all concerned.

If you recognize a bad habit (or two!) of yours when reading these posts, make a note of it/ them. Don’t try to change everything at once (that kind of New Year resolutions are bound to fail), but maybe pick one important one and see how that goes.

Why singing makes you happy?

Choirs are a huge trend. The number of people singing together is rising again. The decades of aging and fading vocal ensembles are finally over. Today, there is a great variety of vocal ensembles and musical styles available. Nearly everyone‘s taste can be accommodated: You‘ll find huge choirs and small vocal ensembles; you‘ll find mixed ensembles and all-male or all-female groups; you‘ll find emphases from early baroque music to modern popular music.

Fun fact – The very act of singing itself makes you happy. “Singing is a very basic human action and inseparable from our communication,“ states Prof. Bernhard Richter, a leading phonetic doctor of Freiburg i. Brsg / Germany.

Singing can boost our immune system and increases our physical and mental well-being. Singing makes you happy. Prof Richter: “You can actually detect the degree of happiness: While singing, a massive amount of endorphins is released into your nervous system.”

Choir rehearsal is not a chore – they are, in fact, your very own me-time for happiness. Try for yourself and you‘ll find yourself a more relaxed person after two hours of singing with others. Suddenly, it doesn‘t matter how tired you were when you arrived or how exhausting your workday was. Thus it‘s important to actually go to your rehearsals, sing with your whole heart and make the most of your time there.

In the end, every single voice contributes to the overall success and welcoming atmosphere of the choir life: great music may be the result, but open-mindedness, a variety of life and musical concepts, friendliness as well as loyalty are the ingredients it takes.

Choirs attract so many people these days there is no doubt huge pleasure involved. “We believe that singing is everyone’s birthright and we are committed to teaching styles that are accepting and inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience and ability”. Chris member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network.

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Let’s Enjoy ChoirunratedAndrew Frank2019-01-31 05:32:19Yes, singing in a choir is fun, but if you can balance it with a few basic responsibilities, it makes the whole experience much more rewarding for all…

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